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A must have app for every athlete. A unique solution for parents, coaches, mentors and teachers to help young athletes stay focused and motivated in their path to success. An аpp developed by sports psychologists, sports coaches and sports mentors to help athletes build resilience through innovative and interactive solutions in goal setting and keeping track of their progress. Download your sport journal today at MySportLink and get started…


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App Key Features

Keeping a sport journal is a well-regarded approach to enhance your mental well-being & sport progression. The effectiveness of sport journaling has been demonstrated over time and has been reinforced by psychologists, therapists, and other professionals in the field.

My circle
Connect with players and coaches around the world.
Sport Skill wheel
Analyse your sports skills status and progress.
Set your Goals and make action plan.
Evaluation Tools
Interactive live player and coach evaluation tools.
Development Tools
Integrated Game, Training, Home workouts tools.
Assessments System
Integrated Emotional and Physical assessment system.


My Sport Journal

We truly believe in the capacity of every single child in reaching their full potential in life. We believe in personal development through sport.

The way we see a child achieving their full potential is by giving them the tool that will allow them to be mentally involved and aware of their internal thinking process, while seeing a link between their life journey and their achievements in sport.

Sportéco is proud to support athletes with sport journaling solutions such as MySportLink app and paper format Sport Journals for life and sport success!

Sporteco Inc: viasporteco.com


Solution and Benefits

Providing innovative solutions, the right network and ideas to accomplish your goals!

  • Build your sport portfolio
  • Connect with the world of sports
  • Learn and grow as an athlete with mental development tools
  • Market your skills
  • Track your physical & emotional progression
  • Enhanced mental involvement/development
  • Deepen understanding of yourself
  • Building positive habits and routines
  • Full progression tracker
  • Connect & communicate with athletes
  • Interactive evaluation tools
  • Join the global sports community and market your services
  • Share knowledge and build your network
  • Build your coach profile
  • Securely share your coaching material with athletes
  • Help your child in growing as a complete athlete
  • Now you have tools for helping your children
  • Easy to use and see the emotional, physical and technical growth of your child
  • Get a first hand view of your child’s progress thru “my circle”
  • Direct access with coaches, scouts, club & association and other sport persons

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MySportLink App built with you the athlete in mind by former professionals and sports specialists to help track progress, establish & reach goals with mentoring and peer’s networking support in the global sports community.